Tubigon is a coastal town with a coastline of 14 kilometers and is located in the north-western part of the province. Tubigon is 54 km to the north of Tagbilaran. Being much closer to Cebu, Tubigon makes a good alternative port of entrance to Bohol. Several ferries cross the Cebu straight every day, including several fast craft and a RoRo ferry, in case you want to bring a car. Even when you are going from Cebu to Tagbilaran, it may be both faster and cheaper than a direct ferry, as you can take a bus or Vhire (“van for hire”, minivans with air-con used for passenger transport, filling the gap between buses and taxis) to Tagbilaran city. This route, following the coastal ring-road, is quite interesting because you can enjoy the landscape, will cross several rivers, have some nice sea-views, and pass through a number of historical towns.

There are some pension houses in Tubigon if you would like to stay in Tubigon like the RM Monina Midtown Inn, TMR Pension House, Ligaya’s Pension House among others.

The early settlers called the place ‘Tubigan’ meaning having water or watery because the community was always submerged in water when rivers overflows its banks during rainy seasons. Later, this was changed to ‘Tubigon’ meaning a place abounding in water, because under the fertile soil there is plenty of water aside from the many springs and streams of the town. At present these sources of water are converted into a giant irrigation dam to regulate the flow of supply of water to the rice fields.

The town was established in 1819.

Tourist destinations: Island hopping, Tubigon Loom Weaving in Pinayagan Norte, Cabgan Bat Watching in Macass, Jyra’s Resort in Guiwanon, Magsaysay Prayer Mount in Genonocan, Shack in Macaas

How to go there: For island hopping tour, you can contact Sea Drake Island Cruises.

The Tubigon Loomweavers Multi-Purpose Cooperative is located just along the national road of Pinayagan Norte, Tubigon. From Poblacion Tubigon, you can take a bus or v-hire going to Tagbilaran, just ask the driver to drop you there. You can also take a jeepney bound to Calape. Here you can see how they make the raffia (buri leaves fibers) made bags, placemats and mats. After visiting the workshop, you can buy the finish handmade native products at their shop.

Shopping Malls: Alturas Tubigon mall and BQ Superstore Tubigon


Tubigon celebrate its town fiesta on the 15th of May in honor of Saint Isidore the Farmer

Tubigon Police Station: +63 38 508 8000

Tubigon Fire Station: +63 38 508 8111

Banks:  FCB – First Consolidated Bank , PNB – Philippine National Bank , BDO – Banco de Oro , DBP – Development Bank of the Philippines, Metrobank

Philippine Port Authority (Tubigon): +63 38 508 8117