LGU-Tubigon received the coveted 2019 Seal of Good Local Governance in line with the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s thrust for integrity and performance in public service.

The 2019 SGLG Award was received by the Hon. William R. Jao and MLGOO Jennifer P. Amihan at the Manila Hotel on November 5, 2019.

The award was as sweet as honey but it did not come easy. LGU-Tubigon has to pass all seven governance areas namely: Financial Administration; Disaster Preparedness; Social Protection; Peace and Order; Business Friendliness and Competitiveness; Environmental Protection; and Tourism Culture and the Arts.

The annual search for the best performing local government units across the country left only two municipalities in the province of Bohol conferred with the award from the 1,489 LGUs nationwide. The other awardee from the province of Bohol is LGU-Talibon.

Though, LGU-Tubigon got the SGLG award already, yet all of its municipal officials and employees are all in enthusiasm to better its good governance practices while providing the best service to the public today and in the years to come.